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medics with a passion for remote environments

Who We Are

About Us

Faraway Medicine are dedicated to teaching and training other medics in the wilderness and expedition medicine, preparing them to work safely in any remote environment.

Scenic Mountain Biking

Immerse Yourself: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Our team of Remote Environment Medics, Expedition Leaders, Expedition Logisticians and all round Adventurers will teach you the medical skills needed to visit any environment on earth.

Our Courses

We can provide you with the knowledge and skills required to operate safely as a medic in a remote environment. If you love the outdoors and are looking for that extra level of medical knowledge to take you to more remote and beautiful places then look no further. We run courses to prepare you for a wide range of medical and traumatic emergencies to ensure you are safe on your next expedition or outdoor adventure. From deserts to deep oceans, tropical jungles to jagged mountain peaks our team have visited earth's most remote places. We will give you the right skills for the right place. Let us immerse you in the most realistic high fidelity scenarios set in the wilderness. We guarantee to inspire you to start planning your next adventure.


“The most inspiring group of people to learn from I've ever met. Thank you so much for reigniting my passion for medicine and the outdoors.”

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Course Feedback

Is this where you want to work?

The Faraway Medicine Faculty have experience in delivering medical care in the most extreme environments: from major trauma in our busiest cities to some of the world's most remote places.


The arctic circle, baking hot deserts, tiny tropical islands, impenetrable jungles and remote diving sites to name a few.

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