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transparent feedback. how are we rated.



We collect and analyse all our feedback to ensure we are always performing to a highest possible standard. See the graphs below that show feedback from our Wilderness and Expedition Course from over 200 customers.

What have previous delegates said about us?

Workshops and Lectures

We deliver a range of small group interactive sessions which are consistently rated as excellent or very good

Scenarios and Moulage

We pride ourselves on high fidelity scenario training. Written feedback often comments on the realism and "film-standard" injuries our team create.

Overall Course

We want to know if those attending our courses gain more than just a few extra medical skills. We aim to inform and change the way people work in remote environments but also develop non-technical skills around human factors and team work.

Feedback from our Courses

Copied word for word.

"One of the best weeks of my medical education so far. Very practical and engaging throughout”

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Course 2016

“The most inspiring group of people to learn from I've ever met. Not only inspiring but incredible teachers too. Thank you so much for reigniting my passion for medicine and the outdoors.”

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine 2015

“Hugely fun and engaging week. Definitely feel more confident in approaching and getting involved with trauma management now. The evening talks were sooo inspiring and I can't wait to get on my first medical expedition in the future. Thanks guys”

Dive Medicine 2017

“Faculty were incredible. Scenarios were VERY realistic. Moulage and make-up looked like something off a film. You don't get better training than this.”

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine 2017

“Hands on experience! Learnt a lot without realising - especially confidence and leadership. Sports pitchside cover training was great. The evening talks were soo inspiring and being able to chat to the faculty at meals and anytime in fact was also great. Food was amazing. Accommodation perfect.”

Sports Medicine 2017

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