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From the first day of the course you will be managing injured casualties in a wide variety of contexts and environments. From mountain biking accidents to pitch-side sporting injuries, sudden cardiac arrest to motorsports scenarios.  

Sports medicine

heart racing. blood pumping. sweat dripping.

Sports medicine

La Clusaz, French Alps

Our sports medicine week, prepares you to support any sporting event. From pitch-side medical care, motorsport cover to multi-day endurance events in extreme environments. We review the fundamentals of working alongside athletes and their coaches, including all the areas a sports medic would be expected to master: pre-event screening and preparation, treating common minor complaints, managing complex trauma and multi-casualty situations.

We also discuss options for incorporating sports medicine into you future career. You will be trained by a variety of highly experienced instructors who will share their personal accounts of work in this field.

Our high instructor to candidate ratio makes for a tailor-made and personalised experience.

Mountain Biking accidents
Sudden Cardiac Arrest during play
Motor sport injuries
Common sports injuries
Manage limb fractures
Multi-casualty scenarios
Hands on teaching in small groups
Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctors
Learning about Pitchside cover
High fidelity
Major and minor injuries
Limb splinting
Team work
High fidelity injuries

Medical Training

Small group teaching. Outdoor workshops. Practical skills. High fidelity scenarios.

We use different styles teaching throughout the course, allowing you to gain the most from our expert instructors. 

We use a combination of seminars, small group workshops and simulation sessions.


The workshops allow hands on practice and seminars on specialist areas help develop and equip you with the foundations of knowledge and skills to become a sports physician. 

Through high fidelity simulation we recreate common and life-threatening medical situations relevant to sports medicine. In the sim sessions, you will be providing pitch-side cover and deal with medical assessment and treatment, pressured by demands for continued play. You will also learn to manage multi casualty trauma outside in remote and challenging environments.


French Alps

Held in the beautiful location of La Clusaz, which is nestled reasonably high in the French Alps. Known for being a centre for sporting and outdoor events the Tour de France has passed through La Clusaz in previous years. Tackle world class mountain bike trails, sunbathe by the swimming pool, trail runners will be challenged whilst adrenaline junkies can go paragliding. If parachutes aren't your thing then maybe the Via Ferrata is, there is something for everyone. Enjoy learning in this stunning location and take advantage of what it has to offer in your free time. 

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