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johann boost

expedition leader

Johann boost

Expedition Leader and Director

Johann has been competing in desert ultra-marathons and exploring remote corners of the globe for over ten years.

He started life as a Lawyer, but found that sitting behind a desk all day was too much of an indoor job for him, so he ran away to the jungle! Always in search of challenge and adventure, he has run multiple 265km ultra-marathons through the hottest, driest and windiest deserts, spent months living and leading expeditions in the jungles of Central America and Asia, and has led treks all over the world, from the plains of Mongolia to the Highlands of Ethiopia.

It is these passions that led him to found FarAway Expeditions, our sister company, offering people the opportunity of a lifetime: to work and trek in some of the most farflung corners of the world, surviving self supported in jungles, deserts and mountains – giving them a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

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