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Sophie MacDougall


Dr Sophie MacDougall


Director and Co-Founder

Sophie is an Anaesthetist and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) doctor based in Bristol. She started trekking in remote places at the age of 12, and has since developed a passion for the wilderness and travelling to far-flung corners of the world, working and trekking across six continents.


Having studied medicine at Oxford and Cambridge, she incorporated this love of wilderness travel into her career, providing medical cover for expeditions to extreme environments. She has also participated in humanitarian aid work in low resource countries such as East Timor and Brazil.


Expedition work has included kayaking and mountaineering in the Arctic Circle, climbing in the Himalayas, cycling across Kenya, horseriding across the Jordanian desert, dive research in the South Pacific, jungle treks in India, Honduras and Thailand, trekking through the Ethiopian highlands and climbing the unmapped glaciers of Outer Mongolia. One of her recent challenges was to provide medical cover for a 17000km classic car rally down the entire length of South America.


Closer to home, pre-hospital work has included fellowships with London’s Air Ambulance and Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, treating critically ill trauma patients in some of the most challenging urban and rural environments.


Sophie is an Advanced Life Support instructor and teaches on expedition medicine courses all over the world. She also acts as medical advisor to several expedition companies.

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