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Laura Kettley


DR laura kettley

MBChB (Hons), Primary FRCA, BSc (Hons), DTMH


Laura has a lifelong love of adventures and travelling and has been determined to fit this into normal life and work whenever possible.  Between adventures she can be found working as an anaesthetic registrar in Severn.


A taster of working and travelling in South Africa and Tanzania during medical school inspired her main love of developing world medicine.  She completed the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and has since used in combination with the day job to start exploring the field of developing world anaesthesia. One stint working Zambia later and she is plotting her next escape!


Laura also works in event medicine and can regularly be found tending to blisters, saddle sores and sore knees at ultra events around the country. 

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