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We are a group of expedition and wilderness medics with extensive experience of providing medical cover in extreme environments.


We are dedicated to teaching and training other in the area of wilderness medicine, preparing them to work safely in a remote environment. Our enthusiastic instructors aim to provide you with the resources needed to venture into the world of extreme environments and expedition medicine. It is a move that you will not regret! Expedition Medicine combines teamwork with being in a demanding environment, being the team doctor or expedition leader for a group of people with whom you are also living/cooking/trekking etc. In addition to our courses, we also offer consultancy to private and commercial expeditions, and medical cover for expeditions and research work.


We love the challenge of being ready for any eventuality and the ability to improvise and think on your feet, in remote and unsupported environments… whether it is in the middle of an arctic snowstorm, on the crest of a mountain range or in the depths of a humid jungle. Our faculty has worked in just about every remote corner on earth and they bring a wealth of personal experience that you will not find in the guidebooks

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